Panel meters


From: Richard G. Kellner (
Date: Sun Nov 19 1995 - 21:31:03 EST

I ordered a panel meter for my Cascade like the one I used on my Sierra
this Friday, and Mouser Electronics is closing them out at $5.99 each
(normally $12.49). These are Mouser stock # 39TM601 on page 264 of
their most recent #584 catalog. These meters are only 1.02" by 1.1",
a perfect size for the Sierra/Cascade. They have a sensitivity of
300ua and a scale of 0-15. The 300ua was perfect for my Sierra without
a meter amp, even though a 50ua meter is recommended in the manual.

On my Sierra, the meter functions as an S-meter on receive, and a power
output meter on transmit.

They will be unavailable after the 100+ are sold out, so I ordered a
few extra for myself. Mouser can be reached at 800-346-6873, and there
is no minimum order in the USA, Canada and Mexico. Seems like a great
deal to me.

72 de Rich W5RXP

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