Ft. Wayne Hamfest


From: Bill Kelsey - N8ET - Kanga US (kanga@brutus.bright.net)
Date: Sun Nov 19 1995 - 19:52:24 EST

The Ft Wayne (Indiana) Hamfest was thgis weekend. It is a two day
hamfest that draws about 5000 people.. I gave a talk on QRP -
attended by 8 people - a bit of a disappointment.

The high point of the hamfest was meeting a young ham (high school
age) and his Dad who stopped by my table to look at the kits I had
and the parts that Buckeye Electronics had on display. We talked for
quite a while, and I found that they had a parts list for a QRP rig
they were building. Someone had sent them the single sheet
instructions and the PC board - Out came the parts list, which turned
out to be the list for the Pixie II. Come to find out it was
apparently sent to them by none other than QRP-L's own Chuck - K5FO.

That was Saturday. On Sunday I brought him a bag of parts so he could
put it together - it has a 3.579 xtal - so listen for a new KB9 on
3.579 in the near future. I did not get a chance to write his call
down - perhaps Chuck has it.

Where were all the QRPers that should live in Indiana??

73 - Bill Kelsey - N8ET
Kanga US

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