Cascade SS


From: Bob Cutter (
Date: Sun Nov 19 1995 - 19:32:21 EST

The Cascade got a good workout in this weekend SS and I was impressed.
Rejection and selectivity was impressive and no evidence of overload.

I managed to work 30 sections in the few hours I spent in the contest and
most of the Q's were on 20M. Several good comments on the signal and
clarity. Yagi on 20M and G5RV on 75M. One person remarked that SS QRP on
75M was "cruel and unusual", I don't know if he meant for him or me! NH and
KH6, both on 20M were the best DX.

This was the first time I have tried SS SSB QRP but I don't think it will be
the last.

72, Bob KI0G

Bob Cutter, .......................Glenwood Springs, CO


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