Collins KWM2A &c


Date: Sun Nov 19 1995 - 00:12:59 EST

I got the Fair Radio inter-catalog flier the other day
and was amazed to see that they have what used to be
standard issue MARS station Collins gear for sale. I
figured that the entire package would cost about $1300,
shipping not included.

They have: KWM2A Collins transceivers (the ones that
look like the old S-line, but which have a little switch
on the band switch knob area for slipping into non-ham
(or post WARC) bands. Very nice stuff. Used 'em a lot when
I were a salty dog, matey.
            30L1 Collins linear amps (the grounded grid
doodads that I think were covered in a not too long ago
issue of CQ magazine. Very nice stuff. Damn near bullet
            Speaker/Power supply box (not really that big
a deal, but if you're gonna fly Collins, you may as well
spring for one).
            Station Console (with the phone patch and the
SWR meter and all that stuff. We used 'em all the time.
Even on the Saratoga we had this set up and it was nice.
Call anywhere on the ship and patch 'em through to Mom
and Pop. Or girlfriends. Whatever.)

Just thought someone might be interested. I would be, if
I could save up 1300 dead presidents real quick before
everyone else buys up the stock. If only for the memories.


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