SWL GM-20 Kit


From: chuck adams (adams@chuck.dallas.sgi.com)
Date: Sun Nov 19 1995 - 00:07:47 EST


Well, Friday on the way home stopped at the mail box.
Yep, there is was. A Small Wonders Labs Green Mountain-20
20M Single band Superhet Transceiver Kit from NN1G, Dave

Since Phyllis was outta the house doing charity work all
day Saturday I had some time to kill :-), so off to work on the kit.
In about 7 hours had the board parts all on and the Heterodyne
LO aligned. Fired up the first time without a hitch.

The quality of the kit is first rate. Double sided green solder
mask with white silkscreen and plated through holes for the PC
board. 3.5"x5.0", maybe about 1/16" more.

The kit costs $72 postpaid from NN1G (see callbook) and archives
for more info. He has 20M and 30M (mine's in the mail as we
speak) kits available.

I wrote down each step (thus the additional time to
complete the kit) that I took in assembly and will enter
them into the computer Sunday morning or so. If anyone has
a GM-20 yet to be built let me know and I'll email them to you.
I found some stuff that might help you and keep you from bumping
in to critters in the night.

13 toroids with total turn count at 158 and I counted every
one of them twice. :-) But I'm an expert on winding those
puppies anyway and I don't mind. Hey, took a ribbon at the
TX state fair for my first latch rug. :-)

I will have a technical report as soon as I get the prototype
case for it on Monday and get it installed. For those who
have been asleep and not taking notes:

o Green Mountain - 20 from NN1G, a.k.a. Small Wonders Labs
o Transceiver Kit for board parts only. You need case,
   connectors (but kit has 0.1" headers with connectors
   and wire harnesses already done for you) and hardware
   to get it into an enclosure.
o Doubley tuned front end to NE602 RF mixer
o 8.0MHz IF with four crystal filter
o MC1350 IF amp
o LM380N-8 audio amp
o 2SC799 PA with 3W out at max level for this kit
   (will let you know about final output)
   variable resistor pot on board to lower output
   to 0.5W
o RIT on board
o QSK solid state keying
o 3.5x5.0" board with parts on board included in kit
o many more to be detailed in review form for the group

Dave says not recommended for rank beginner due to
'cozy parts layout', and the board is crowded in a
couple of places. If you need help, I have a step by
step sequence of parts insertion to minimize getting
caught trying to put a small cap in between two crystals
and not much room to do it in. Also have some typos that
Dave will get fixed in short order, but for the eager
beavers like myself, I think these will help. Send me
email if you bought a kit.

I didn't get the microphone for the SS this weekend. May
try 10M tomorrow if it is open.

Film at 11

dit dit

Chuck Adams (K5FO CP-60)  adams@sgi.com
Box 181150, Dallas, TX  75218-8150

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