GRC 109: The adventure continues


Date: Sun Nov 19 1995 - 00:07:01 EST

Ok, so I sneaked out of the house, went off to Lima,
bought the three boxes of stuff, brought 'em home, went
to the book store (they had a sale) and got 23% off the
outrageously single-minded rhetoric & linguistics books
that I'd ordered and came home and took a nap.

Then I woke up, sneaked the boxes into the radio shack
(it is a shack... actually, it was an outhouse once) and
checked out the stuff.

Receiver worked at turn-on. I didn't think it was
working at first -- and still have to check out the power
switch -- 'cause I forgot that tubes have to warm up.
Tunes where it otter. Does what it's supposed to. Very
simple and compact.

Transmitter was interesting: there's no power switch.
Once the plug goes into the power supply, it's on.
Tried a bunch of xtals and checked for multiplier operation.
Worked good. Worked nice. Very clear, clean keying... at
least on the three other radios that I monitored with.

But there's a few catches:
1. No receiver mute. The transmitter signal is so loud
in the rx earphones that even with the volume turned
all the way down, it's still loud enough to blow out
yer ears.
2. No antenna changeover. Actually, I should get used
to that, since it's basically the same circuit that's
in the NN1G trx kits that Dan's used to sell... Coil
and cap and two diodes back to tail. (Actually, I was
surprised to see that in this radio, since the power
supply has those old finned selenium rectifier doodads
in it. Diodes... might be early versions [and we'll
never know how efficiently so] of 1N914s or something.)
3. Weird xtal holes. Well, at least they were weird
for me. One set is for what I believe is the older
FT 243 cases and the other set is obviously for some
kind of European size stuff... or the old mounts with
the round boxes for the xtal inside. Whatever, I had to
make a modified plug to take the tiny little ones that
I have. (And I ain't got many... at least for ham bands.)

But I did get a power supply that has a line voltage
monitor meter in it. That's pretty neat. And the two
boxes did work straight off the shelf. So it was a good
deal. Now there's only a couple things to modify. (Yes,
I said modify. What do you think this is? Appliance

1. I gotta figger a way to mute the rx and change the
antenna over more efficiently. That and a sidetone
what don't split my ears.
2. I gotta figure out where I can get FT 243 style
crystals... or figure out how to make a tiny little
VFO. (Hmmm... the Oner VFO is tiny, no?)

So there. Save up $127.20 and figure in some shipping
costs and send the money to Fair Radio Sales and get
three boxes that look like you're planning an invasion.
It was worth it. So there.


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