Re: HF Vertical Antennas


Date: Sat Nov 18 1995 - 09:06:27 EST

On Fri, 17 Nov 1995, Richard H. Arland wrote:
> I am REALLY suspicious of the MFJ "no radials" vertical. In the
> pictures I have seen it resembles the Hi-Q antennas of the late 1960s
> and early 1970s. These had a ceramic capacity hat/coil arrangement that
> stuck out at 90 degrees from the vertical radiator. They worked, but
> not all that well (I had two in the Azores and my Hustler 5BTV beat
> them into the dirt!)
Your experience seems not to be unusual. In the 70s, when I had a 14AVQ
up on the 2nd story roof, chimney mounted, with 4 radials for each band
made from 4-wire rotor cable (1 wire in each length for each band), I
worked a fellow in VA who was in despair over his multi-band short Yagi
with apparent capacity hats bristling from each element. I suggested a
roof-mounted vertical with drooping radials and heard from him that he
was getting far better results. Verticals get a bum rap due to local
noise and RF-eating shrubbery--a bit of elevation can do a world of good
for them in both respects.


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