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From: John Seboldt (
Date: Sat Nov 18 1995 - 01:28:25 EST

Bruce Robertson said:

>>One more thing: I've got a million ideas for the miniR2 board, but I'd
rather not buy more than one. It seems to me with a good plug and jack
system, it should be easy to swap the board into different tranceivers.
What do people recommend for interconnects smaller than, e.g. bncs or rca
jacks. (Since the board works up to 450 Mhz, I suppose the connections
should too.)

72, VE3UWL <<<

Well, I built mine in a PC board box with 3 BNC's on the back, so I can
plug on input filters, preamps, quadrature networks galore. A somewhat
more elgant solution might be the mixed contact DB series connectors
available from Mouser. Check their catalog -- you can get a DB-37 (I
think) size connector with 3 coaxial contacts and several other DC lines,
or one with 6 coaxial contacts. You buy the big contacts separately
(50 or 75 ohm) and insert them.

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