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Subj: QRPer of the Year
Date: 95-11-17 22:38:22 EST
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Memo To: Doug Hendricks and Jim Cates
Date: Nov. 17, 1995
From: Robert B.Wicks W3HAH Co-Pres. QRP Society of Central Pennsylvania

I am pleased to announce that both Doug Hendricks and Jim Cates have been
awarded The QRPer of The Year Award for their work through NorCal and the
endless hours spent on the R&D of the several projects of NorCal. At the
last monthly meeting of the QRP Society of Central Pennsylvania a proposal
awarding this to both Doug and Jim was unanimously approved. This is the
first award ever presented by the QRP Society. Congratulations go to them
for a job well done. Certificates are in the snail mail.

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