Date: Thu Nov 02 1995 - 11:26:19 EST

Hello Gang,

Foiled again, I wanted to get the jump on things and did my Christmas
shopping last Sunday. I thought that I would beat the crowd,WRONG!
It was trick or treat day at the mall.

But you can get the jump on things by sending in your renewal membership to
the New England QRP Club. Just print the following aplication and send your
check to the Renewal Chairman,Bill Studley. His address is at the bottom of
the form.

>The new membership chairman for NE QRP Amateur Radio Club is

William Mc Nally AE1D
7 Blueberry Road
Windham, NH 03087

The above address is for NEW membership applications:

Last Name: First Name:
Call Sign: NE-QRP Number if Renewal
Mailing Address:
Phone Number: License Class: Age:
Former Amateur Call[s]: (Year first licensed)

Indicate whether you're a member in the following organizations:
QRP ARCI __ Michigan QRP ___ G-QRP ___ NorCal QRP ___ Other__________

What QRP awards have you won or achievements have you accomplished?

"Who are you" and what do you like about QRP? (This is important)

Please write a couple of paragraphs about yourself, and we'll pass it along
to our Member's News Editor.

Indicate whether you're a member of the ARRL. Yes ___ No ___

Would you like to be an officer/director in the NE-QRP Club? Yes___ No____

Please check the box which interests you most:

Ragchewing ____ DX ___ Contest ___ Traffic ___ Awards ___

Homebrewing ___ VHF/UHF ___ Packet___ CW ____ SSB __

RTTY ___ ATV ___ Satellite ___ HF ___

Other ___________________

The first year membership is $10.00 and renewals are $7.00 per year. Outside
USA please add $5.00. The club year begins in January, and renewals are from
September to December for the following year. Please make you check or money
order payable to: QRP Club of New England.

Send new to above address.


Bill Studley AA1OC
133 Babosic Lake Rd.
Merimack, NH. 03054

de AA1IK N.E.-QRP-C. # 202 ( Lead by example, It is better to )
                                      ( pull a string than it is to push it.)
Ernie Gregoire
RR 1 Box 221
Canaan, NH. 03741

New England QRP Club, information
available on request by sending me a
 S.A.S.E. or via E-mail.



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