Re: N9OUH and the Loop Antenna


From: Robert J. Gobrick (
Date: Fri Oct 13 1995 - 22:11:44 EDT


Oh-oh - it looks like a little Nilsism has rubbed off on you - pretty soon
this qrp-l is going to become a literary list - I better get a
spell-checker, on-line thesauras and style writer for this mailer program....

Nice story and it brought back "fond" memories of my tramping up on steep
roofs (or is that rufs as they say in the Midwest). Just don't do what I
did when I lived in a nice San Francisco apartment complex - I sunk small
eye-bolts into a flat tarred roof area for my antenna/tripod support wires.
Worked great until the California rainy season came and all the neighbors
started to get water leaks through their ceilings - I just escaped in time
before a class (and I mean class) action law suit set in. But ahhh the dx
with that antenna ....

73/72 Bob VO1DRB/WA6ERB

>Thanks to everyone who sent me advice about antenna wire, coax, and loop
>construction. I appreciate your help. Here's a story about the antenna
>and the friends who made it possible:
>Loop Antenna Installed
>Hams Survive Roof Adventure
>A Surprise Visitor
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