re:the friday the 13th fox


From: Paul Harden (
Date: Fri Oct 13 1995 - 17:18:02 EDT

"michael (w.m.) babineau" <> writes:
>Well, I was "bit" by the Fox hunting bug last night and decided that I
>would dig my Argo 509 out of the closet (literally; its my only 40m rig
 (text selectively truncated, er I mean snip)
>This is when Murphy decided to strike. Much to my surprise, I realized
>that the Argo uses a phono plug for the key jack. Hmm, this is one time
>where standards would have been useful. I spent the next 10 or so minutes

The thought has often crossed my mind that every QRP rig oughta have a
little pushbutton switch labeled "KEY" on the front panel just for these
occassions. At least this way you could whomp out an 8 wpm QSO in a
DIRE EMERGENCY -- like working the fox or W8MVN or something.

Have a good weekend all,
Paul NA5N
push push


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