From: chuck adams (
Date: Fri Oct 13 1995 - 17:17:08 EDT

Joe, N2CX, and the gang,

What? I'm the only one who likes beating my head against the wall? :-)

Thanks for the report.

The trick of zeroing the other guys freq is written up in the book
"The Complete DX'er" by Bob Locher, W9KNI. I have read this book three
times all the way through. It is a fun book to read, it has a lot of
good information, and it is well written. Even if a person doesn't work
DX (like N6ULU and the famous AA2U) the techniques used are very
helpful in QRP and weak signal work. 'Cuz that is usually what
DXing is too. Sometimes you will catch a guy, if he or she has
split operation capability like a VXO controlled xmitter and
a separate receiver, moving the receiver up or down while xmitting
at the same spot. The real sharp ops will guess ahead of time
where the next "sweet spot" is and get ahead of the pack.
It's these tricks and others that N6ULU is using against me
all the time, but hey I wasn't born yesterday kids. :-)

As another side note, and I always have side note and I apologize,
NA5K, Smitty, told me at the NorTex meeting while he was working
a pileup on his night that he could sometimes pull a call out that
was slightly off freq from the rest of the group. This is another
technique that contesters, DXers, and others use a lot. If you
listen to CW at only one tone you are taking away a skill that will
help you.

OK, back to the pack and try the above this weekend when the hords
of QRPers get on the air for the QSO party that was posted by
N6GA, Cam Hartford. Remember log forms are in the new QQ or
at the ftp site under one of the many directories now there
provided by a friend to all Jim Eshelman (I'll be embarrased
if I misspelled that Jim).

Let me brag on Jim a minute. He does a fantastic job maintaining
this list and all the directories, archives, and all the behind the
scenes administration of a group of lists. And he reads this stuff
too. And let's not forget Bruce and Steve and the others who helped
us all get started. Hats off to you guys. Jim E. has also managed to
get his license back in the meantime. The guy has too much time on his
hands. :-) ;-)

Back to Bob Locher, W9KNI, a famous DXer. If I'm not mistaken,
he owns/is partner to/or has something to do with Idiom Press
Publishing and also the CMOS II and CMOS III keyers. Someone
in the know fill us in. Inquiring minds wanna know.

This business of being a QRPer is not easy but it can be a lot of
fun. It's like seeing some one get on top of a mountain using a
helicopter and another guy climbing to the top. Who is the better
for it? Does it matter? It is a matter of personal pride and
some people like driving a BMW and others like a lesser known
and lesser priced mode of transportation. Hopefully when we get
there we all take the time to discuss it and enjoy the view. In
fact one of my favorite lines from Crimson Tide was when they
were on the conning tower (I think that is the nautical term)
and looking at the sunset. The Captain said that he was happy
that D. Williams didn't ruin it by talking about it. I think
I'll just go away and think about it (the big picture).

dit dit es cu on this wknd (I hope) during the test i'll be
the weak one

Chuck Adams (K5FO CP-60)
Box 181150, Dallas, TX  75218-8150

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