FOXhunt in the novice bands (fwd)


From: Eugene S. Tehansky (
Date: Fri Oct 13 1995 - 17:58:43 EDT

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Been following recent comments about FOX operation in the novice band..

It seems to me, that almost all of the calls I see listed by FOXes that
were worked in the Novice band ** ARE NOT NOVICE/TECH CALLS ** !!

The novices want the FOXes to go up there but then the FOXes don't work novices.
I just looked over my FOX log from last year. I worked a total of 38
stations.. 16 in the novice band yet at most only 1 or 2 were novice/tech.

When it is my turn to be FOX next month, I am considering only answering
calls from novice/tech callsigns while I am up there. If I don't hear or
work any after a few minutes then go back to 7040. I have 6+ weeks to
think about it.


Pete Rossi - WA3NNA Loral Defense Systems-Eagan (formerly Unisys Government Systems Group) Valley Forge Engineering Center - Paoli, Pennsylvania

????????? BUT WHY ????????? Seems kind of unfair to me! :-|

de aa3av Gene, tending VE sessions in beautiful Saint Mary's County Maryland (occasionally)

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