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From: michael (w.m.) babineau (
Date: Fri Oct 13 1995 - 12:26:00 EDT

In message "the friday the 13th fox", you write:

> Guys, well I found him buried up with the ssb
> boys at 0111GMT on 7108 khz....that crafty
> wa4nid dave the fox. He was in the clear
> on occasion but boy was the qrm and qsb bad
> here in western ny!
> 72 , john, kc2du

Well, I was "bit" by the Fox hunting bug last night and decided that I
would dig my Argo 509 out of the closet (literally; its my only 40m rig
till my new Explorer II arrives) and take a listen around 7040 just
before 11pm EDT. Much to my surprise there was Dave calling CQ QRPL
with a solid 579. I've never tried to load my random wire on 40 so I
quickly found a clear frequency and managed to get the SWR down to
1.6:1. At this point I figured I had Dave in my sights, until I realized
that I needed to plug the keyer into the Argo. This is when Murphy
decided to strike. Much to my surprise, I realized that the Argo uses a
phono plug for the key jack. Hmm, this is one time where standards would
have been useful. I spent the next 10 or so minutes digging through all
of my junk boxes try to find something, or some way to hook a key up. I
finally ended up with my old junk Speedix Key attached via clip leads
to an 1/8" phone plug which was wired up to a phono plug. I quickly
verify this works, yup, tune back to 7040 and Dave is GONE! I look at
my watch and sure enough it's now past 11pm.

Next week I'll be back, this time with a freshly soldered cable with a
phone plug at either end.



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