Norcal/KC1 install


From: Mike Connor (
Date: Fri Oct 13 1995 - 13:54:16 EDT

        Hi gang,
   Thought I'd share my install with you, and maybe pick the brains of guys
who have already installed theirs.
        Installed the KC1 on the front panel, snug but nice fitting. Push
line up directly above RIT switch/pot.
        I did not install separate keyer jack, I removed the existing jack
from the
board, and turned it upside down and screwed it back on the rear panel. It
seemed to work perfectly, the pins are sticking straight up for easy connection.
Wired DOT/ring, DASH/tip, sleeve to ground.
Keyer part works great, but having trouble making the FREQ button work. I'm
sure it has to do with how/where of VFO hookup. Still working on it, and
have a note in to Wayne; I'll keep you posted...
        All in all, a wonderful addition to any radio, keyer features are


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