From: Tim Stabler (TSTABLER@iunhaw1.iun.indiana.edu)
Date: Fri Oct 13 1995 - 14:14:18 EDT

Does someone have Dave Benson's Email address? I wanted to
correspond with him. If not, I will resort to snail mail.

Speaking of Dave, for those of us in the New England group, we have
seen in the last 72 that Dave has a 20 meter version out and possibly
by now, a 15 meter version. In his article, he mentions 6 meters!!
Anyhow, Dave's unit is on a 3.5 by 5" board and puts out 2.5-3 watts.
Packaged right, this rig would not take too much pocket space
either!! He calls it the "Green Mountain-20 Tansceiver" and is $72
postpaid for the kit. He states at the end of the article that other
bands will be available soon.

Also, in case you might be interested, this listserver has a 10 meter
group. I just joined yesterday and got the first digest today. One
subscribes to listserv@lehigh.edu and states "subscribe tenten-l"
followed by your name and callsign. Just like subscribing here.

72 de Tim WB9NLZ

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