From: James Bennett (
Date: Fri Oct 13 1995 - 12:53:25 EDT

Hmmm, sweaty palms, difficulty breathing, memory loss, loud beeping sounds
that sound vaguely familiar. The latest flavor of the flu? No just
the foxhunt. For my second CW contact in about 10 years, I worked the
fox!!!. Thanks to Dave WA4NID for hanging in with my shaky sending and
somewhat more than rusty operating proceedure. I was using my recently
acquired Yaesu FT 301S at 5W and my not so recently acquired Radio
Shack straight key (How many of you remember when RS sold keys?)
Dave was just above 7.04 on my dial. I am still getting the hang
of reading the dial on the 301. Antenna is a 1/4 wave 40M vertical
I built from copper tubing. The radials are mostly still on top of
the ground as I haven't had time to bury them (only a problem when
I need to mow the lawn!)
Thanks again to Dave and I am now hooked on QRP!

James Bennett
Amateur Radio: KA5DVS/2 (yes I am in NJ)
NEC Research Institute
Princeton, NJ

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