10/12 FOXHUNT : So hard.. then so easy..


From: Pete Rossi (rossi@VFL.Paramax.COM)
Date: Fri Oct 13 1995 - 12:05:27 EDT

I started tuning for the FOX right after Star Trek:DSN ended at 9 PM. Good
timing ;-)

Nothing. Checked the novice band. Nothing. Back to 7040. Nothing.
Nobody calling him. Nothing.. Lots of activity. Lots of quiet spots
near 7040 (even 7110 was unusually quiet) but no sign of the FOX..

Somewhere near 10 PM I decided to login to the computer and see if anything
more interesting was going on and I saw a "qrp-l" message from someone who
had just worked the FOX.. OK. So he *is* on... but where? Back to the
radio.. Still nothing..

Finally about 10:15 I put the speaker on and left the radio on 7040 and went
upstairs for a few minutes. I was in the kitchen -- doing something -- and
in the background my ears detect -- 4 N I D coming from the basement.
Great! There he is -- or at least someone is calling him -- I wasn't sure.
As I got back to the radio I heard N4AOX calling him... but no sign of
the FOX and I didn't hear AOX again either... So I guess the FOX moved.

So now its getting close to 10:30. I start tuning carefully. He has got
to be here somewhere. Nice and quiet around 7040. Lots of CQs. Nothing..
Finally about 10:45, with time running out, I hear this real nice CQ about
7041 "CQ CQ QRP L" Hmmm must be someone from the net. Then the call
comes... WA4NID !! Boy was he loud! One call and he comes right back
to me! Can't get much easier than that!

I sat there and heard him work several more stations before I moved on.

Well, that makes 3 out of 4 FOXes for me so far. But for a while there, I
almost thought I was going to miss this one.


Pete Rossi - WA3NNA rossi@vfl.paramax.com Loral Defense Systems-Eagan (formerly Unisys Government Systems Group) Valley Forge Engineering Center - Paoli, Pennsylvania

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