From: Nick Franco (kf2ph@bnl.gov)
Date: Fri Oct 13 1995 - 10:11:10 EDT

Well it's the 4th Fox Hunt of the new season. I got "skunked" the first
three times. This time fate was with me. I also brought out the the big
gun for this one (the 10 guage). I used my ICOM at 4 watts and an audio
filter on the output side (the noise been bad lately). Then, I heard him.
Actually Dave was doing quite well (559 to 539 with the QSB and the
filter). I had the Bencher audio filter down to 90Hz and got the bead on
him. I heard him work N2CX that other ellusive fox, but I never heard
Joe's signal at all (again). I took a breath, let out a little, timed my
heart beat and sqeeeeeezed the trigger (I mean the Paddles, sorry, I got
carried away again). He came back to me with a 559 and made my day.
Thanks Dave for the foxtact and for your time and effort being the fox.
Hope you worked a ton of us. I went down to 30 meters on my SW-30 after
working the fox. I figured, "Might as well strike while the iron's hot."

72 all,

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Nicholas J. Franco Systems/Network Support
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