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From: Jim Eshleman (lujce@hooch.CC.Lehigh.EDU)
Date: Fri Oct 13 1995 - 09:47:21 EDT

> - LOGO VOTE: To surf to the logos, you want to go to
> the QRP-L Resource Page at
> Steve, please correct this if it's wrong. You could
> also maybe try
> Of course the logos are available via the list server with
> "INDEX QRP-L/LOGOS" and then "GET QRP-L/LOGOS filename"

  Gads! We WILL get it right sometime soon. The ftp location is:

No trailing "s" on "logo". The URL for the QRP-L Resource Page seems to be
correct and works for me. To retrieve the logos via the list server the
commands would be "INDEX QRP-L/LOGO" and then "GET QRP-L/LOGO filename".
Again, bo trailing "S" on "LOGO".

  Quoting Chuck:

So once again, send email to and not
to the list and put in the body of the message a
line with (a VOTE in caps is important)

VOTE: AA7QY your_call


VOTE: KF2PH2 your_call


VOTE: VA3YH your_call

Vote for only one please. Thus for having you call
on the line. I save all the email into one file,
grep (dweeb talk) for VOTE and then tally. This
removes all the stuff around the line, so there is
a chance I might miss your vote if you use lower


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