Logging with organizer


From: Urs Schlegel (schlegel@ccgate.ari.ch)
Date: Fri Oct 13 1995 - 03:45:08 EDT

   Hi all, Just an other way to log your contacts: I use a so called
   "electronic organizer" (abt the size of a calculator for storing your
   address, memos and appointements). I get it cheap with 64K of memory.
   That allows me to store +/- 3000 contacts with 20 letters each. When
   it's full, I play the data over a cable on to the PC. Nothing for you
   guys and gals with 50 contacts a day but works fine for me. It works
   also for contests or field days to double check the logs and it's not as
   heavy as a PC or even a notebook. Maybe it works too for you?
   Kind regards from Switzerland (fog in the lowelands, deep blue sky on
   1600m where I live) :-)
   72 de HB9HAU Urs schlegel@ccgate.ari.ch

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