From: Jim Eshleman (lujce@hooch.CC.Lehigh.EDU)
Date: Fri Oct 13 1995 - 00:56:36 EDT


  A couple quick notes:

        - LOGO VOTE: To surf to the logos, you want to go to
          the QRP-L Resource Page at
          Steve, please correct this if it's wrong. You could
          also maybe try
          Of course the logos are available via the list server with
          "INDEX QRP-L/LOGOS" and then "GET QRP-L/LOGOS filename"
        - DIGESTS: Back issues are available from the list server
          for example "GET QRP-L/DIGESTS 100" or via anon ftp from
          ftp.Lehigh.EDU in pub/listserv/qrp-l/Digests. The back
          issues start at volume 100. When we get to volume 200
          volume 100 will get overlaid, etc. Disk is cheap but not

        - DAYTON-L: Subscription info in the QQ is incorrect. To
          subscribe, send the following command, in the BODY of an
          e-mail, to listserv@Lehigh.EDU:
                SUBSCRIBE DAYTON-L Jim Eshleman N3VXI
          for example. NOT "SUBSCRIBE TO DAYTON-L ..." as reported
          in the QQ.

        - Also, I'm working the bugs out of a new mailer and you may
          see erratic response from the list server. I'm (hopefully)
          moving to a new QTH where the trees are tall and the neighbors
          few. The rig's getting shipped out for alignment (thanks gentleman
          qrp'er #1). I just can't do it with stone knives and bear skins.
          Got a straight key in the mail today (thanks gentleman qrp'er #2)!
          Work keeps getting in the way of my hobby...My boss is a ham but
          that'll only buy you so much, so if I promised something and it
          hasn't happened yet I'll get to it, just don't hold your breath
          'cause you might turn blue. Who'll be my first contact in over
          15 years when I finally get on the air? Hope all you other novice/
          tech-plus types are working the foxhunt.


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