Re: Fcc mfg. Requirements and Bandwidth


From: Eugene S. Tehansky (
Date: Fri Oct 13 1995 - 01:02:21 EDT

This is a very interesting subject. More please!

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>>...manufacturing and selling...QRP radio kits...FCC requirements...
> certain Part 15 standards...could be all wet :-)...more

>> Please reply to me directly to save bandwidth...

>Um, it strikes me that this is a much more valuable use of list
>bandwidth than the "I got my kit in the mail! Wow!" messages I
>routinely delete ;-).

Yes, much more valuable. In fact, over the past week, maby 4 people have
asked for info OFF line that I would like to have heard. And I don't mean
personal/business things. Guess I could just ask myself, but I am to shy
for that..... (sorry for the quotes without proper credits, but I already
deleated that stuff, it is gone!)

de aa3av from beautiful Saint Mary's County, Maryland.

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