40 M Beacon Results


From: Aa4xx (aa4xx@nando.net)
Date: Mon Oct 09 1995 - 14:23:10 EDT

      Thanks to all who reported on the 500 microwatt beacon Sunday and
Monday. Here are the results:

      Not a peep - AA8LF John
                     KV2X Tom
                     WA8LCZ Byron
      Partial copy NU8N Jim

      Complete copy KA3WTF Fran

      All of these reports help to put together a meaningful picture.
Although conditions are not ideal for this sort of work on 40 meters at
this time, it is still surprising to see what a minute amount of power it
takes to sustain a path during moderate to good conditions.
      We will continue these tests this Winter, when the band
quietens down. I'd like to hear from other stations who might
be interested in setting up attended microwatt beacons on 40 and 80
meters this Winter. It doesn't necessarily take killer
antennas to do this type of work. As a matter of fact, the
best effort so far was made with a dipole on one end and an
inverted vee on the other end!
              72 es happy milliwatting,
 Paul, AA4XX

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