KC-1 works w/ Gary Breed Xcvr


From: RobCap@aol.com
Date: Mon Oct 09 1995 - 09:29:30 EDT

Hi Folks:

I have enjoyed using my KC-1 with my OHR-400 so much that I have built one
into my Gary Breed transceiver. This is the radio marketed by A&A kits and
624 kits, as featured in QST and in the ARRL handbook.

Here is how I interfaced the KC-1:

Mounting: Drilled two holes into the cover of the radio to hold the momentary
switches. The holes are to the right of the speaker, and behind the fine
tune pot.

R1: A 10K speed control pot was mounted directly above the Fine pot on the
front panel. The left hole from R1 on KC-1 board goes to left lug on R1
panel pot that is closest to the tuning pot. Center hole from R1 goes to
center lug on R1. Right lugs are not used.

CV- 33 pF

CA- .01 uF

RA- 1 Million Ohms

V. Connected to the VFO pin on the oscillator board (the front board), which
connects the VFO to the transmitter board. Used a six inch length of RG-174U
for this purpose.

AF- Route to 1 M ohm RA, then to wiper lead of audio pot on front panel of.
 CA goes from this lug to ground, or on the board between the wiper wire and
the ground wire of the three wire group that goes to the audio pot.

Programming: o3A000

Voila! Frequency data and memory keyer with a single push of the button!
 (Replacing a simple iambic keyer installed in the radio).

This series of part substitutions provides accurate frequency data, and a
pleasing audio level from the KC-1, which can be altered with the rig's audio
level pot.



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