Date: Mon Oct 02 1995 - 19:21:39 EDT

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         Need some info from the bevy of SCOUT owners out
         I was patroling 17 meters looking for some
         interesting dx this of course..and
         heard an 8S3...keyed the SCOUT to call him and got
         his call, my call and then the transmitter went
         dead. I looked at the readout and it said "25." The
         reciever still worked but as I tuned back and forth
         the readout still said "25." I flipped the power
         switch and the readout restored to the correct
         frequency..I went to call the station again, no
         transmit and "25" was on the readout again.
         I checked the manual and could not find any
         reference to this error message. Anybody got any
         ideas??? Insufficient voltage??? Overheated
         final??? Excessive SWR??? I am using the little
         switching supply that TT sells with the rig.
         Any info would be appreciated. This is making my
         Argo 509 look pretty good right now.
         QRP ARCI #3788
         NE QRP # 41

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