Mike for cascade?


From: jess.gypin@dinosaur.com
Date: Fri Sep 29 1995 - 23:34:10 EDT

 -=> Quoting Dmalinak@class.org to Jess Gypin <=-


 Dm> Another question to the multitudes...at least those who have started
 Dm> on their Cascades. I have no VHF/UHF gear and thus no speaker mikes.
 Dm> Does the Cascade manual recommend any particular mikes for use with
 Dm> the rig? Just wondering what I should start scrambling around for. Do
 Dm> any of the assorted Radio Shack/MFJ speaker mikes have ready-to-go,
 Dm> plug-and-play connectors that will fit the radio's connectors?

 Dm> 72/73 David N2SMH
 Dm> Glen Rock, NJ

I would also suggest to you and the list that if you need to get a mike and
don't mind spending a little extra that you look at Rat Shack's VOX headset.
I picked one up at a swap meet for about $40.00 a couple of months ago and
then it dawned om me after using it on the Alinco HT and the Rat Shack HT's
that it would be really nice for use on the Cascade that I had ordered.
Seeing that it already has it's own self contained VOX and uses a AAA battery,
might be just the ticket for the Cascade.


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