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From: jess.gypin@dinosaur.com
Date: Fri Sep 29 1995 - 23:34:15 EDT

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 73> Jess:
 73> I just read about your loop deisgn. I am not the best at following
 73> written directions such as those here, and usually need to _see_ in
 73> order to _do_. Did you get that design from any magizine article that I
 73> may have on my shelf or is it available any where?
 73> How will it work compared to the now commercially available loops,
 73> such as the MFJ and AEA? I have used the Isoloop and love it's
 73> performance, However for QRP portable it is much muchmuch too big. I
 73> want something that can be broken down and carried with my QRP PLUS and
 73> battery....
 73> 73, Peter K2MMT
 73> FAXno: 914-241-9236

 The antenna was in the Five Watter several years ago. I have a copy of the
 articel and would be happy to forward it to you, or I will attempt a poor
 ascii drawing here and see if that helps.

                   | |
                   | |
                   | |
   ______________ | |___
   ______________ Balun & insulater ____ 100pf Cap &
                   | |
                   | |
                   | |

           Balun Details
  _________|\|---------|\|_____ to one side of loop
  to center|\| |\|
  20 turns |\| |\| 5 turns #22 wire
  _________|\----------|\|_____ to other side of loop
  to grd ---------------

Very crude to be sure. Wind the transformer/balun on a T-50-2 Amidon coil form
20 turns on the coax side and 5 turns on the loop side. The loop is made from
#12 "house wire". The loop is divided where the transformer and the capacitor
are connected to the loop. The cap is a 100pf air variable. The loop measures
33" across the bottom and top, should be square, and the diagonal measurements
are 46.5 inches. The support that was used in the article was a wooden cross
with the #12 wire stapled to the wood. If you cannot get the picture from the
very crude and quick drawing above, give me your mailing address and I would be
More than happy to send you a copy of the original plans. As I stated in the
first message, I have not yet been successful in getting this antenna to tune
but did not follow the original plans religiously either.
Hope that helps.


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