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Date: Fri Sep 29 1995 - 11:13:00 EDT

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 subject: QRP with IC735

These rigs normally operate with power output in the range 10 - 100
watts which is controlled by means of a slider on the front panel .
There is also an internal switch which halves the power output. I had
heard of these rigs being used for QRP and after enquiries to ICOM
Australia and other sources, who could offer no help beyond what was
in the manual, was finally advised by ICOM Support in the U.S., via
the Compuserve network what to do.

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On my IC-735, I just adjusted the LOW RF Power pot so that with the
front panel panel RF POWER control at minimum, the actual RF output
was 4.5 watts. This pot is on the PC board near the 50/100 watt
switch and can adjust the power output down to 0. I don't remember
the actual designation without the schematic in front of me but it
is part of the TX ALC circuit and is on the schematic (but not the
picture showing the adjustment points). There is also a HIGH Power
for setting the maximum power output (you may not want to adjust
that one).

73 - Dave.

Dave Redfearn, Sr RF Systems Engineer NORTEL RTP, NC.
ph.(919) 992-3925 email: qrl? de N4ELM/qrp

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