Black Hole/time warp


From: Jeff Gold (
Date: Fri Sep 29 1995 - 10:24:16 EDT


I think I have come up with a new QRP reality.. or at least it
appears to be so. I believe that if I have observed it.. others
must. If myself and enough others have encountered the phenomenum,
it could possibly be a reality.

I was exhausted yesterday.. counterbalancing this is my desire to
know if my new OHR400 works or not.. I am not a patient person..
when I finishing building and assembling an exciting new project,
I like to get it aligned and try it on the air as soon as
possible. My current schedule seems to not have allowed this to
happen.. I try to avoid touching things that can blow up easily
after a 14 hour harried work day.. guess you can teach an old
dog.. more sense.. or something like that..

I have had the 4 bander pretty much assembled and had started the
alignment and thought that it may be working without any major
fault finding (always a pleasant surprise). Just hadn't had the
time to finish it. Then ran into a problem tuning the coils on
the oscillator board for the filter (haven't looked at the
schematic.. so really have no idea if I am right). I couldn't get
my scope to show me any useful information (and no longer have a
general coverage receiver). Got the local whiz kid to give me
detailed instructions to make sure I was doing the scope right
(also a member of this group.. Conard, WS4S). Well that still
didn't work.. so I got down on my hands and knees yesterday and
started to cry and beg and plea (actually I just asked him nicely)
to come over and figure out where I was messing up.. figured he
could do it and have the coils tuned in less than 5 minutes.

Well needed to have a ground from the old power supply to the
scope.. never happened before...once I knew that worked we got to
playing around with rigs.. wanted him to listen to my Omni VI..
love the rig .. but the QSK drives me crazy.. there is a squeek..
some timing capacitor (have had it back to TT twice .. and the one
they had in the showroom did the same thing). Ended up doing a QSO
on the Norcal40.. heard a real weak signal, so fired up the old
bug and ended up having a complete QSO.. no problem.

OK, you might at this point think I am rambling, and in fact I
might be.. but it relates to my initial hypothesis. Well Conard
and I played in the shack. in the middle of which a friend called
with some fried solid state device.. told him the whiz was over
and to drive over with it.. so had to find that problem.. we ended
up playing and talking for a while, before I about passed out and
he had to return home.

Decided to sit down and finally for the first time watch some TV
to give my brain a rest.. that lasted about half an hour. .some
strange mystical calling beckoned me from the ham shack.. I just
had to know about tuning up the filter section.. and maybe just
one tiny weeney more step.. hoping to get closer finally being
able to use the rig.

Well, hard as I tried.. couldn't resist. .next thing I knew the
scope, the frequency counter, power supply and all were humming
..and there I was messing around with the rig... this was still
not too late.

Well next thing I knew it was after midnight and the rig may or
may not be tuned.. was getting out over 5 watts on all bands
except 20.. only getting 3 watts out.. but I can live with it..
think the rest might be tuned.. have no idea how it got that way..

So.. the hypothesis:
My ham shack is really a black hole in desguise.. it sucks me in
and then the time continuum gets all messed up.

Can't wait to get home and see if it is really tuned up and
working, or when I escaped the black hole if events got reversed.



PS.. the rig seemed to tune up very easily .. think you could
probably do the whole process with a QRP wattmeter, a counter and
a voltmeter and do just as good a job.. maybe a general coverage
receiver, voltmeter if you were desperate.

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