re: help help help!!! (hw-8 stuff)


From: N1OOQ Tom R. @ MRO1 29-Sep-1995 0935 (@)
Date: Fri Sep 29 1995 - 09:41:03 EDT

> When I set the vfo on a freq it start's swinging
> acouple of HZ up and down, the thing get worse when transmitting!!

How many Hz? Describe exactly what it does if you set it on a freq. and then
leave it alone for a long time. Describe exactly what it does when you

Details like: does it drift up or down or both?
              which direction first, does it change direction?
              about how many Hz does it drift?
              is it consistent, in other words, does it do the exact same
              thing every time? does it change if you change anything? try
              moving your antenna feed, key cord, mike cord, and so on -
              does anything change? transmit into a dummy load - does
              anything change?
These are the sort of things we need to know...

> I've think about replacing all the capacitors on the vfo es other
> critical sections, also think about replacing the crystals but still
> doubtfull.

Don't swap anything yet! You might make it worse!

-Tom R. N1OOQ

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