Fox hole radio/crystal earphone


From: W. J. Metevia (
Date: Fri Sep 29 1995 - 09:37:39 EDT

You wrote:

 When I was about 8 years old, I built a "fox-hole" radio. It
 used (as mentioned before) a razorblade and pencil-lead (graphite)
 for the detector and a coil of enameled wire around an empty TP
 spool. I already had a crystal earphone, and when connected,
 could tune in two local AM broadcast stations (both within 20 mi.).


It was my experience as a kid that I could hook just a crystal earphone
between my antenna and ground and get all the local radio stations (at
once)! Your crystal earphone may have been the key to the success of your
early experiment! :-)

BTY, The "BOY MECHANIC", Books I and II, first published in the thirties but
available in reprint (Lindsay Books) has numerous short articles on the
constuction of simple radio receivers and transmitters (as well a all sorts
of batteries). Remember this was the spark era, don't expect to find T9 CW
rigs, "continuous wave" was a new concept at the time! And no, I wasn't
around then. :-)




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