Cascade Errata #2B


From: Lee Stanford (
Date: Fri Sep 29 1995 - 03:00:56 EDT

I have completed the Cascade kit through Section 4 with the following

Cascade Parts List Pg. 4
1 C17 2-12pF Air Trimmer (number on part is 189-503-5)
1 C34 2-20pF Air Trimmer (number on part is 189-509-5)

Cascade Parts List Pg. 5
6 R2,22,59,73,97,98 10K (R73 not R63)

Cascade Parts List Pg. 6
1 U5 LM383 (part shipped is TDA2002 or uPC2002)

Cascade Parts Cross Reference List Pg. 9
R63 Doug Hendricks said to use 1.8K for R63 instead of the 4.7K shown.

Section 1: Pg. 12
When installing R18,R20 also install R19.

Section 3: Pg. 15
If you coat the coil L1 with Q-dope when instructed to, you will have
a problem on Pg. 16 if you need to squeeze the turns to adjust the VFO

VFO Alignment Pg. 16
In step 2 my LO measured 5.550MHz instead of 5.150MHz. Instead of
trimming or squeezing turns on L1 I soldered a 33pF capacitor across
C21 on the bottom of the board. This made the rest of the alignment
follow the instructions.

Section 4: Pg. 18
R64 10K trimpot flat leads were too wide for the small holes in the
board. Instead of filing or trimming them, I used a trimpot from my
junkbox. Also, the test where the hum drops out when the Mike PTT
button is pressed, does not work unless Q16, R68, R73 are installed to
provide a path to the +8TX line.

I hope this info is accurate and useful.
73, Lee KM6LA

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