Re: Antenna parts for 80 m


From: Joseph Cooper (
Date: Sun Sep 24 1995 - 00:22:00 EDT

>I am trying to locate the parts for the 80-160 meter recevice antenna in this
>months issue of QST.

They say the transformer is wound on a Amidon FB-77-1024
>coil forma and I have had NO luck finding one local.

>>>The best bet is to contact Amdion themselves. They have an excellent
catalog full of technical info and speaking from personal experience, they
will go out of their way to help you with a problem.

Write them at Amidon Associates
P.O.Box 25867
Santa ANA, California

I also need to find a 100 pf air variable cap.

>>>The best bet would be to go through a surplus place and get an
old 360 pf that would have been used in an AC/DC radio. These cost about
$5.00. The trick is to find a double gang set and generally the second
section runs around 90 pf. You do not have to be 100% accurate on these. The
other thing that you can do is get a 360 pf and remove plates (though I hate
doing that).

If you can't find one go through

Antique Electronic Suppply
P.O. Box 27468
Tempe AZ

They have several types for about $10.00

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