QRP at York, PA hamfest.


From: KT3A@aol.com
Date: Sat Sep 23 1995 - 18:30:37 EDT


We had fun at the York Hamfest with the QRP folks. I won't list them because
I may leave some out. WA8MCQ, Mike C. brought the banner for ARCI and K7YHA
had his books for sale as well as NorCal back issues. I had some info on our
QRP Society of Central PA there. I wish I could have stayed a little longer
but I enjoyed the 3 hours I was there. Let me encourage you to do some
promotional things at the local hamfests.
I think we had a lot of attention because there was a lot more of computer
stuff and less radio stuff. It was a pleasure to meet Rich and I'm sure the
local QRP'ers enjoyed meeting him as well as our neighbors who came up from
the Maryland milliwatt club. (All 2 of them).

72 de cameron, kt3a (Bob use this blurb in our newsletter, if you wish).

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