From: Bradley Mugleston (
Date: Wed Sep 20 1995 - 10:31:19 EDT

          I'm new to qrp and the internet and need some help. My son
          and I built a pixie2 (looks great but still needs some work)
          and I received the files on this net for modifing the pixie
          BUT they seem to be in PostScript format (*.ps) and I don't
          know how to use them. My available equipment includes:
          CC:Mail, Windows 3.1, Word 6, HP III & HP4si printers and
          other software.
          My questions are:
          1) How do I get the ps files to print?
          2) if they won't work on my equipment at work I have access
          to a postscript printer at a friends but I can't get CC:Mail
          to copy the complete file to a disk (I only get the header).
          3) Is it possible for a 40+ year old man to learn the code?
          My 13 year old son makes it look so easy....
          Thank you

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