From: James M Fitton 508 960 2577 (mvjf@mvubr.att.com)
Date: Mon Sep 18 1995 - 10:37:00 EDT

W1FMR did QRP-AField while mobile on 40m with a Hamstick on
single magmount held down with straps and gutter clips, and had
an absolute blast.

Worked 15 stations from various places along the NH coast, incl.
1 other QRP mobile stn. on a mountain top using an Outbacker ant.

Also had an interesting QSO with a station who ran 100w mobile on
a Honda Gull Wing Motorcycle going 70mph along the freeway in NJ.
He wrote an article for QST and Ill have to look it up.

Heard many stations working K1LGQ, and heard AE1D, tried
to work him numerous times but alas, he didnt hear/answer me.

Loudest sigs heard were AA1CA running 900mw on a Vee beam in
Stratham NH, and K3KMO/m (motorcycle).

While wandering up the coast, I settled on a spot which will be next
year's operating loc. A small parking lot about 10 feet away from
the water, and 7 feet above it at high tide. It overlooks a small bay
facing west where many lobster boats, sailboats, and a large tour boat
anchor at dusk. Public restrooms and water are 500 feet away and the
sunset is spectacular. Several other cars-in-the-know arrived at
sunset. Men in cars romanticizing thier honeys, and me alone with
my radio...

Anyone interested in next year ? (radio only)

72 Jim W1FMR

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