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Date: Wed Sep 13 1995 - 12:17:44 EDT

QRP-L Gang,

Speaking of QRP and tubes, I have been working on obtaining parts
for a tube regenerative rx and one-tube tx. It all started when
someone on the boatanchors list mentioned the sale-price of $1
per transmitting tube (2E24, like a 6146, but with a filamentary
cathode and about 6-8 w output). I found a design in an old
ARRL Handbook (1960). The reciever design was shared with me by
a boatanchor subscriber. Other subscribers have sold me some
parts, and even gave me a few more parts. I almost have all of the
parts I need now.

Further, check out the Fair Radio Sales catalogue. In it you will
find the AN/GRC-109 RADIO SET. It is a reciever and transmitter
with a power supply, etc. The transmitter uses a 2E26 (a 2E@4
with an indirectly heated cathode) but can operate just fine with
a 2E24. The transmitter is just $25 used. Hard to beat. 2E24
tubes are available from Antique Radio Supply "New-Old-Stock" for
$1 a piece. I have recieved 10 tubes, all like new, with inspection
stickers as recent as the 80s, although the tubes are from the 50s.
These are military surplus tubes. I also have ordered the GRC-109

So, if all of this sounds like fun, lets fire up those firebottles!

Brian, KV9X

(Disclaimer: I have no monetary or other interest in ...)

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