SW-30 Problem


From: Marshall Emm (75230.1405@dub-gw-3.compuserve.com)
Date: Tue Sep 12 1995 - 10:09:00 EDT

So far I am very impressed with the SW-30 kit-- quality of components,
board, hardware, and documentation all top-notch. Well done, Dave!

One problem, though, which anyone building or proposing to build the kit
should note. And Dave, you might even want to put a note in the manual!

In the supplied hardware kit, a stereo phone jack is supplied for audio
output. If, however, you have a MONAURAL plug on your headphones, it
will not connect properly if fully inserted. You will be convinced you have a
DOA rig for as long as it takes you to figure this out, or you happen hear the
audio briefly as you insert the plug past the point of connection.

Took me about an hour of attempting to trouble-shoot the audio train-- with
a lot of much-appreciated help from a local friend who's already got one on
air. But I'm not mad, just relieved it wasn't something serious. Now I can
look forward to aligning it and getting it on air!

73... Marshall

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