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--------------------- Begin of the QRP Clubs List ----------------------

                                                            Version 1.00
                                                      September 08, 1995
  Compiled by Richard Hieber, DL8MFQ/AA8CP.
  Email: <>
  Packet: []

~Subject: The contents:

  This file contains information about the following QRP clubs:

   o 9A-QRP Club
   o Arbeitsgemeinschaft CW / Activity Group Telegraphy (AGCW-DL)
   o QRP Club ARI
   o QRP Amateur Radio Club International (QRP ARCI)
   o Benelux-QRP Club
   o Grupo-QRP do Brasil
   o QRP Club of British Columbia (BC QRP)
   o QRP Society of Central Pennsylvania (QSCP)
   o Cleveland QRP Amateur Radio Club
   o Colorado QRP Club (CQC)
   o CW Operators QRP Club
   o Durham Region QRP Club
   o EA QRP Club
   o G-QRP Club (G-QRP-C)
   o GW QRP Club
   o Italian QRP Club (I QRP)
   o JARL QRP Club (JA-QRP)
   o MFJ 90's Radio Club
   o Michigan QRP Club (MI QRP, M-QRP)
   o The QRP Club of New England (NE QRP)
   o The QRP Club of Northern California (NorCal QRP)
   o NorthEastern Illinois QRP Society (NEIQS)
   o The NorthWest QRP Club (NW QRP)
   o NorthTexas QRP Club (NorTex, NQC)
   o OK QRP Club (from the Czech Republic)
   o Oklahoma QRP Club (OK QRP)
   o St. Louis QRP Society (SLQS)
   o U-QRP Club
   o WI QRP Club
   o YO-QRP Club
   o ZS-Algoa QRP Group

  The ordering of this list is somewhat arbitrary though it tries to
  follow the alphabet :-) No weighing is intended.

  Two list entries here are somewhat special:

    - The "MFJ 90's Radio Club" is focussed on the MFJ 90xx series of
      QRP transceivers but not affiliated with the company. Rather than
      being a club it is more a newsletter and its readership.

    - The "AGCW-DL" is not a QRP club but rather a CW club. It is in the
      list because of its strong QRP activites and because there is no
      dedicated German QRP club.

  In addition to all that you'll also find information about defunct
  clubs and newsletters, ceased activities, 'unofficial' groups and a
  small paragraph about the world famous IQ (Internet QRP-L) Club ;-)

  Spelling and punctuation tries to follow European standards.

~Subject: The format:

  ABBR: Abbreviation
  FULL: Full name
  PRES: Club President
  ADDR: Contact address for membership and info
  SINC: In existance since ...
  COST: Membership cost (yearly)
  NEWS: Club newsletter, name and frequency
  NUMB: Current membership numbers (approximately)
  MEET: Regular meeting
  QNET: QRP nets, 'on the air' meetings
  PROJ: Previous and current projects
  TEST: Contests, activity periods
  AWRD: Awards
  COMM: Comments

  The NUMB entry is only meant to give a rough indication about how big
  the club is. The numbers given are not precise and cannot be. The
  number of active members is not equal to the last issued membership
  number - some former members are SK now or have left the club. A good
  indication of active membership numbers is the number of people that
  subscribe to the club newsletter.

  The PROJ entry isn't meant to be a listing of all the building
  projects that any club member has ever done. Rather it should list all
  the projects that were designed by a club member, were realized by
  several others and are available as a circuit diagram, kit or
  whatever. This entry shows you where household names like 'Epiphyte'
  or 'Sierra' originated.

  Similar story with the TEST entry: It is not a list of activities
  the particular club *participates* in, but rather a list of
  activities that *originate* within the club. There is not space
  enough to give details. By supplying the name everybody can see that
  a special activity exists which will give him the starter to ask for
  more information.

  I would also like to supply information about regular 'on the air'
  meetings of the clubs (entry QNET). If you know about such activities,
  please notify me; my address is at the end of this file.

  Addresses in <brackets> are Internet email addresses; those in
  [brackets] are valid in the Amateur Packet Radio network.

~Subject: The list:

  FULL: 9A-QRP Club
  PRES: Mladen Buzic, 9A3FO
  ADDR: 9A-QRP Club
         Franjevacka 5,
         42220 Novi Marof
         phone: 042 612 400
  SINC: April 10th, 1994
  NUMB: 8
  MEET: every last friday in month at abt 20:00 UTC


  FULL: Arbeitsgemeinschaft CW (Activity Group Telegraphy)
  PRES: Martin Hengemuehle, DL5QE
  ADDR: Service-Referat:
            Tom Roll, DL2NBY
            Richard-Wagner-Str. 11
            90513 Zirndorf
            Ha-Jo Brandt, DJ1ZB
            Eichenweg 7
            84160 Frontenhausen
  SINC: 1971
  COST: 15,- DM
  NEWS: "AGCW-DL INFO", two times a year
  NUMB: 2.350 (assigned membership numbers)
         1.900 (subscribed to newsletter)
         QRP-friends: > 100
  MEET: each year at Easter in Buedingen (Hessen, Germany)
  TEST: AGCW-DL-QRP/QRP-Party, QRP-Winter-Contest, QRP-Summer-Contest
  AWRD: QRP-CW-500, QRP-CW-250, QRP-CW-100
  COMM: *NOT* a QRP club, but has a strong QRP section!
         Virtually every AGCW contest has a QRP class. The listed ones
         are *pure* QRP contests.


  ADDR: Sandro Santucci, I0SKK
         Via Simon Boccanegra 8
         Rome 00162


  FULL: QRP Amateur Radio Club International
  PRES: Interim President: Buck Switzer, N8CQA
         (Pres. Les Shattuck, WN2V, has resigned)
           c/o Mike Bryce, WB8VGE <73357.222@CompuServe.COM>
           2225 Mayflower NW
           Massillon, OH 44647

           Dick Pascoe, G0BPS <>
           Seaview House
           Crete Road East
           Folkestone, Kent CT18 7EG

  SINC: 1961, adopted the 'true QRP' power limit of 5 watts in 1979
  COST: USA: $14 new member, $12 renewal
         DX: 7 Pounds new member, 6 Pounds renewal
  NEWS: "QRP Quarterly" (QQ), quarterly (January, April, July,
  NUMB: 8.800 (assigned membership numbers)
         1.500 (subscribed to newsletter)
  MEET: de facto annual meeting at Dayton
  QNET: ARCI sponsored nets:
         Transcontinental Net (TCN) : Sundays, 23:00 UTC, 14.060 MHz
         Western States Net (WSN-80): Sundays, 04:00 UTC, 3.558 MHz
         Southeast Net (SEN) : Tuesdays, 00:01 UTC, 7.030 MHz
         Gulf States Net (GSN) : Wednesdays, 02:00 UTC, 3.560 MHz
         Great Lakes Net (GLN) : Wednesdays, 02:00 UTC, 3.560 MHz
         Northeast Net (NEN) : Saturdays, 12:00 UTC, 7.040 MHz
         Western States Net (WSN) : Saturdays, 16:00 UTC, 7.040 MHz
         Some nets change frequencies and times with the arrival of
         Daylight Savings Time.
  PROJ: Twofer Transmitter (in the 80's)
  TEST: Spring QSO Party, Fall QSO Party, a variety of sprints for
         both CW and SSB
  AWRD: QRP-25, WAC-QRP, WAS-QRP, DXCC-QRP, 1000-mile-per-watt
         (kM/W), QRP-NET (QNI-25)
  COMM: The QRP ARCI promotes on the air QRP operation, the use of
         designated QRP calling frequencies, regular QRP nets, and a
         program of QRP operating awards and contests. Oldest
         organisation of its kind; but since the 5 watts power limit
         was adopted only later, the G-QRP Club is arguably the first
         real QRP club still in existance.


  FULL: Benelux-QRP Club
  PRES: ---
  ADDR: P.O.Box 15
         NL-2100 Heemstede
         The Netherlands
  SINC: 1977
  COST: In Holland: HFl 15 (Postgiro 1994925 for Penningmeester
                              Benelux, QRP-club, Haarlem)
         In Belgium: BEF 300 (Postgiro 000-0789637-57 for E. Smekens,
                              ON4ASE, Mercatorlaan 46, B-3150 Haacht )
  NEWS: "Benelux QRP Club Nieuwsbrief", in dutch with a short english
         summary of the main articles, published quarterly, about 50
  NUMB: 550 subscribers, 750 assigned membership numbers
  MEET: General meeting in September + camping weekend in June
  QNET: CW : Sundays, 11:00 am local time, 3560 kHz
         SSB: Saturdays, 10:30 am local time, 3795 kHz
  TEST: BQC Activity week (end of december); BQC marathon
  AWRD: Worked BQC
  COMM: Benelux = active in BElgium, the NEtherlands, LUXemburg.
         Most members from PA, some from ON, only a few from LX.
         The club runs a small pcb and copy service.


  FULL: Grupo-QRP do Brasil
  ADDR: P.O.Box 700
         28600 Nove Fribargo
         Rio de Janeiro


  FULL: QRP Club of British Columbia
  PRES: Derry Spittle, VE7QK
  ADDR: 1241 Mount Crown Road,
         North Vancouver,
         BC V7R 1R9 Canada
  SINC: 1984
  COST: $5.00
  NEWS: Four Newsletters/year following each meeting. These are mailed to
         members and posted on the Internet (QRP-L) and packet (QRP@USA)
  NUMB: 35
  MEET: Quarterly lunch meetings alternating between the Lower Mainland
         and Vancouver Island
  QNET: Currently three SSB nets daily. At 1600 & 1900PST on 3729KHz
         At 2230PST on +/-3760KHz with NorCal hams. Subject to change
         with propagation.
  PROJ: Epiphyte, Neomyte and other SSB Transceiver projects.
         Construction articles have appeared in QRPp (NorCal Journal)
         and SPRAT (G-QRP Club Journal)
  TEST: (Participation in NorCal and ARCI contests only)
  AWRD: ---
  COMM: Focuses on the design and construction of QRP SSB transceivers.
         Club is affiliated with NorCal (QRP Club of Northern California)


  FULL: QRP Society of Central Pennsylvania
  PRES: John Jaminet, W3HMS (Tech); Bob Wicks, W3HAH (Admin)
  ADDR: Cameron Bailey, KT3A <>
         PO Box 173
         Mount Wolf, PA 17347-0173
  SINC: 1993
  COST: US: $4.00 for the newsletter
  NEWS: "QRP Gazette"
  NUMB: 13
  MEET: Monthly, third Monday. Contact KT3A for locations.
  PROJ: SWR Meter
  TEST: Regular field operations as a group.
  AWRD: ---
  COMM: Meetings 98% technical/operational - Admin 2%.
         Serving the needs of local QRP'ers in Central PA.


  FULL: Cleveland QRP Amateur Radio Club
  ADDR: Bruce A. Wright, N8MWL
         P.O. Box 14052
         410 Superior Ave.
         Cleveland, OH 44114-9998
  SINC: 1993
  COST: ---
  NEWS: ---
  COMM: Still alive?


  FULL: Colorado QRP Club
  PRES: Rich High, W0HEP <>
  ADDR: Colorado QRP Club <>
         14261 E. 4th Ave. #161
         Aurora, CO 80011-8711
         Tel. 303-344-1220, Fax: 303-344-0741

         Membership info:
           CQC <>
           c/o Mark Meyer
           14153 West First Drive
           Golden, Colorado 80401

  SINC: January 1994
  COST: US: $10.00
  NEWS: "The Low Down", bi-monthly
  NUMB: 109
  MEET: bi-monthly (Jan., Mar., May, July, Sept., Nov.)
  QNET: Local interest in QRP stimulated by weekly Monday night CQC
         QRP Information Net held on linked 2 meter repeaters in
         Denver and Colorado Springs covering Cheyenne, WY to Pueblo,
         CO (200 miles). (8:00 pm, 147.225, 145.160, simplex: 146:445)
  TEST: Winter QSO Party (Feb.), Summer QSO Party (Aug.)
  AWRD: Colorado QRP Counties Award
  COMM: QRP programs are also given to other area ham clubs.


  FULL: CW Operators QRP Club
  ADDR: Kevin Zietz, VK5AKZ
         41 Tobruk Ave.
         St. Marys, SA 5042
  COST: VK: A$10, ZL: A$12, DX: A$14
  NUMB: > 425


  FULL: Durham Region QRP Club
  ADDR: Durham Region QRP Club
         c/o Jim Wilson
         788 Edgewood Road,
         Pickering, Ontario
         L1V 2Z9
  MEET: on the 3rd Tuesday of the month, at Centennial College,
         Progress Campus, in Scarbourgh, Ontario (Highway 401 and
         Markham Road), meeting in the electronics lab on the 3rd
         floor, "D" Wing, 7:30 p.m. Informal, with a member-selected
         topic announced in advance.
  QNET: CW net Wednesdays, 8:00 pm local time, 3535 kHz; afterwords
         FM ragchew (approx. 8:30 pm local time) on repeater VE3PIC
         146.670 MHz minus offset. The club call for the net is VE3QDR
         (Qrp Durham Region). Check-ins strongly encouraged!
  TEST: We operate Field Day from a member site near Tyrone, Ontario.
  COMM: Serving qrp interests in the Toronto Metropolitian area, as
         well as Durham Region and surrounding areas. We invite
         communications and queries from all amateurs in Ontario and
         Canada interested in QRP.


  ADDR: Secretaria del EA QRP Club
         Sr. Miguel Montilla Guerrero, EA3EGV
         Pau Abad, 15 3 1
         E-08207 Sabadell / Barcelona
  SINC: November 1993
  COST: Europe: USD 11
  NEWS: "QU-R-PE", in Spanish, quarterly
  NUMB: 150
  COMM: The now defunct EA8 QRP-DX Club has been a predecessor of
         this club.


  FULL: G-QRP Club
  PRES: Rev. George Dobbs, G3RJV <>
  ADDR: The G-QRP Club <>
         Rev. George Dobbs, G3RJV
         St. Aidan's Vicarage
         498 Manchester Road
         Rochdale, Lancs OL11 3HE
         Tel/fax: 0706 31812 (+44 706 31812)

           There are local representatives in

                 Johann Auerbaeck, OE6JAD
                 Kirschenhofersolg. 120
                 A-8241 Dechantskirchen
                 Tel. 3339-23335

                 Rene Anrijs, ON4KAR
                 Fonds des Vaulx 69a
                 B-5640 Biesme-Mettet
                 Bank Account: 250-0062335-49
                 Tel. 071/ 726039

                 Jean-Michel Yeromonahos, F5OQO
                 2, Allee d'Hamadan
                 91400 Orsay

                 Rudi Dell, DK4UH
                 Weinbietstr. 10
                 W 67459 Bohl-Igglheim
                 Tel. 06324/64116

               NEW ZEALAND:
                 Mike Sheffield, ZL1ABS
                 176 Albany Highway
                 Auckland 1331

               THE NETHERLANDS:
                 Peter Halpin, PE1MHO
                 Ch. Kohlerst. 69
                 Tel. 074 771832
                 Postgiro 2730858
                 7558 VB HENGELO

                 G-QRP Club
                 Mike Kilgore, KG5F
                 2046 Ash Hill Rd.
                 Carrollton, TX 75007

  SINC: 1974
  COST: UK: 6 Pounds
         abroad 6 Pounds or $14
           At local representatives:
             DL: DM 18
             F: Frs 60
             ON: BEF 350
             PA: HFL 21.50
             USA: $ 12
             ZL: NZ$ 15
         All cheques must be made payable to "G-QRP CLUB".
         Payments on Mastercard/Access and Visa possible.
  NEWS: "SPRAT" (Small Powered Radio Amateur Transmitter), quarterly,
         abt 40 pages. Bylaws specify that SPRAT shall always contain
         at least 60% technical material.
  NUMB: 8.000 (assigned numbers)
         4.500 (currently subscribed to newsletter)
  MEET: Mini-Convention in Rochdale (QTH of G3RJV),
         Yeovil QRP and Construction Convention, Summer QRP Party,
         German section: in Koenigswusterhausen in October,
                         in Pottenstein in May
  PROJ: Sudden Receiver, GQ Transceiver Kits
  TEST: Winter Sports
  AWRD: QRP-WAC, QRP-Master, QRP-Countries, Worked G-QRP Club, Two-way
         QRP, CW Novice,
         Chelmsley Trophy, Suffolk Trophy, G4DQP Trophy, Partridge
         Trophy, G2NJ Trophy
  COMM: The largest QRP club in the world, by active membership
         numbers! The Club is also a prolific book producer, most of
         which are available from the RSGB.


  ADDR: Leighton Smart
         33 Nant Gwyn
         Mid Glamorgan
  SINC: June 1994
  COST: ---
  NEWS: quarterly newsletter; send a minimum of 6 2nd class stamps to
         cover the cost
  COMM: The club is of an informal nature - no subscription, no
         structures, etc.


  ABBR: I QRP Club
  FULL: Italian QRP Club
  PRES: No president, but four signatory members:
         Arnaldo Bollani, IK2NBU: kits, schemes, antennas, homebrewing.
         Giampietro Gozzi, IK2VTU: books, technical info, schemes.
         Marcello Surace, IK7HIN: awards, contests.
         Franz Falanga, I7FFE: new members, club info, newsletter.
  ADDR: Franz Falanga, I7FFE []
         P.O.B. 243
         70059 Trani (BA)
  SINC: October 8th, 1994
  COST: No money, only IRC, stamps, SAE, SASE for the correspondence.
  NEWS: Quarterly newsletter since July 1995.
  NUMB: 169
  MEET: Not yet fixed, but a first meeting is planned.
  QNET: A net will crystallize from little on-the-air activities.
         Nothing fixed yet.
  TEST: QRP Spring Test
  AWRD: I QRP Club Award (IQCA); QRP section in the WAIP (Worked All
         Italian Provinces) award of the ARI
  COMM: No president, no secretary, no subscriptions dues.
         If you want to contribute to the I QRP Club you are welcome.
         Packet Radio server at [IQRP@IK7NXQ.IPUG.ITA.EU]


  PRES: Takahisa Masuzawa, JH1HTK
  ADDR: PO Box 9
  SINC: 1956
  COST: 3 000 yen (abt. 30$ US)
  NEWS: "THE QRP NEWS" (in Japanese)
  NUMB: 100
  MEET: general meeting in May
  QNET: Sundays, 11:00-11:30 UTC and 23:00-23:30 UTC,
                  7003 KHz and 7013 KHz, CW only.
  PROJ: planning to produce a "QRP Handbook" for beginners
  TEST: JARL Contests with low pwr category (?)
  AWRD: QRP 100 Stations/W, 1000 km/Total Power


  FULL: MFJ 90's Radio Club
  ADDR: Joe Falcone, AA8HV, Editor
         9614 Garden Avenue
         Livonia, Michigan 48150
  SINC: 1993
  COST: None. The editor asks for articles from the users.
  NEWS: "The Nineties", 6 to 10 issues annually.
         Concentrating on the MFJ 90xx series of TRXes.
  NUMB: abt 150
  COMM: The MFJ club is not affiliated with the company. It was
         started and is being run by Joe Falcone as a non-profit
         service. Latest news had Mr. Joseph Falcone stating that due
         to other personal commitments he would no longer be able to
         publish the MFJ 90's newsletter and is looking for someone to
         take it over.


  FULL: Michigan QRP Club
  PRES: Lowell D. Corbin, KD8FR <>
  ADDR: L.T. Switzer, N8CQA <>
         Michigan QRP Club
         654 Georgia Ave
         Marysville, MI 48040
  SINC: January 19, 1978
  COST: US: $7 new member, $5 renewal; DX: $12 new member, $10
  NEWS: "The Five-Watter" (T5W), abt 20 pages, quarterly, all
         original articles
  NUMB: approx. 1300-1400
  MEET: 1st Sat. each Month 10am Country Jim's Rest. Davison, MI
  QNET: MI-QRP Net, Tuesdays eves 9pm EST & ESDT, 3.535 MHz
  PROJ: ---
  TEST: Michigan QRP Club Contest (MI QRP Test)
  AWRD: Net Check-In Certificate
  COMM: Very cool pins ($5) and coffee mugs ($7) available. Shares
         table with G-QRP and ARCI at Dayton. You can start a local
         "chapter" in your neighborhood, details via Buck N8CQA.


  FULL: The QRP Club of New England
  ADDR: Jack Frake, NG1G
         PO Box 93
         Barnard, VT 05031
  SINC: 1991
  COST: US: $10 new member, $7 renewal; outside USA pse add $5.
  NEWS: "72", quarterly
  NUMB: 210
  QNET: NE QRP SSB Net, 02:00 UTC Tuesdays, 3.855 MHz
  PROJ: 79er transmitter, NE40-40, NE30-40
  TEST: QRP-Afield, 79er Colorburst Sprint
  COMM: The club project: The idea was 40 meters for $40, and 30
         meters for $40, hence the names.
         QRP-Afield is a terrific little contest that takes home-brew
         rigs out into the field to be used the way they were designed
         to be used.


  ABBR: NorCal QRP
  FULL: The QRP Club of Northern California
  PRES: Doug Hendricks, KI6DS, <>
  ADDR: Jim Cates, WA6GER
         3241 Eastwood Rd.
         Sacramento, CA 95821
  SINC: June 1993
  COST: Membership is free but subscription to newsletter is not.
         US: $10; Canada: $15; DX: $20 (airmail)
  NEWS: "QRPp", quarterly (March, June, September, December), SPRAT
         size, abt 72 pages
  NUMB: > 1.000
  QNET: ---
  PROJ: Sierra, NorCal-40(a)
  TEST: Spring QRP to the Field
  COMM: Yearly club projects, monthly meetings, small get togethers.
         Membership numbers are growing really fast!
         Make checks out to Jim Cates, not NorCal!


  FULL: NorthEastern Illinois QRP Society
  ADDR: Don Kozlovsky, KE9GG
         28 W 256 Purnell Rd.
         West Chicago, IL 60185
  SINC: 1991
  COST: ---
  NEWS: "NEIQS Newsletter", quarterly (SASE)
  NUMB: 85
  QNET: NEIQS Net, 0200Z Wednesdays 3.560 MHz


  FULL: The NorthWest QRP Club
  PRES: Bill Todd, N7MFB, [N7MFB@N7FSP.#WWA.WA.USA.NOAM], <>
         4153 49th Ave SW
         Seattle, WA 98116
  SINC: 1992
  COST: To join US:$10 CAN:$12 DX:$15, no annual dues
  NEWS: "The NWQ Newsletter", bi-monthly, abt 8 pages
  NUMB: 365 (5/95)
  MEET: 3rd Sat in Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct & Dec at Andy's Diner on
         4th Ave. S. in Seattle
  QNET: NW QRP Net, 0300 UTC (0200 Daylight Time) Tuesdays 10.123 MHz
                     1530 UTC (1430 Daylight Time) Saturdays 3.561 MHz
  PROJ: ---
  TEST: Winter Sprint on 3rd Sat in Jan
  AWRD: The "Norwester" for contacting 25 NW QRP Members (bonus for 50)


  ABBR: NorTex QRP (NQC)
  FULL: NorthTexas QRP Club
  PRES: Chuck Adams, K5FO, <>
  MEET: NORTEX meets every 1st Saturday of the month at 10 AM. The
         meetings are held at Chuck Adams' (K5FO) place of business in
         Addison, TX. Directions to the meeting are: First floor of
         the building on the southeast corner of Arapaho and Addison
         Rd. It's one block north of Beltline. Quorum Centre is the
         name of the building - three stories glass and brick. Come
         into the main entrance and follow the signs to the SGI
         Training room.


  PRES: Petr Doudera, OK1CZ
  ADDR: Petr Doudera, OK1CZ
         U 1.baterie 1
         162 00 Praha 6

         There are contacts to a Slovak QRP group:
           QRP rubric
           Roman Vavro
           Latoricka 15
           821 07 Bratislava

  SINC: 1984 (?)
  COST: 15 IRC's or $10, DM 15, 5 GB Pounds. IRC's preferred.
  NEWS: "OK QRP INFO" (OQI), quarterly, has English translations for
          most of the text, SPRAT-size, abt 30 pages
  NUMB: 200
  TEST: Europe for QRP Weekend, CZEBRIT, QRPp Activity Day
  AWRD: Worked OK-QRP Club Award
  COMM: Not to be confused with the Oklahama QRP club!


  FULL: Oklahoma QRP Club
  ADDR: Don Kelly, KA5UOS
         703 West 8th St.
         Edmond, OK 73003
  SINC: 1988
  COST: $10
  NEWS: "Oklahoma QRP", quarterly but somewhat irregular. Backissues
  NUMB: 120
  QNET: Oklahoma QRP Net, 1430Z Sundays 7.060 MHz
  COMM: Not to be confused with the OK QRP Club in the Czech Republic!
         All newsletter articles include a basic understanding of how
         each circuit functions. "Our aim is to help the new ham make
         the transition from kits to scratch homebrew."
         Don Kelly is not the editor of the club newsletter
         any more - he has turned that over to somebody else, but will
         probably resume after finishing school.


  FULL: St. Louis QRP Society
  PRES: Andy Becker, W0NVM
  ADDR: c/o Keith Arns, KC0PP
         2832 Penbrooke Lane
         St. Charles, MO 63301
  SINC: November 1987
  COST: $12.00
  NEWS: "The Peanut Whistle", monthly
  NUMB: 40-45
  MEET: Third Wednesday of each month, at Florissant Valley Community
  QNET: First Wednesdays of the month, 8:00 p.m., on the 145.33 (-600)
  PROJ: many club generated kits, mostly reproductions of other
         designs, for club members only.
  TEST: Homebrew Competition (in January)
  AWRD: Annual Member's Service Award
  COMM: Events: Field Day, Fall Outing, Tailgate Sale, Annual Dinner
         SLQS is a *local* club. Members wishing to join should live in
         our immediate metropolitan area and are requested to attend at
         least one meeting before joining.
         SLQS has no by-laws, elected officers and other formalities. We
         have a volunteer president or "master of ceremonies" and a
         volunteer treasurer.


  FULL: U-QRP Club
  ADDR: P.O. Box 100
         Saransk - 31
         RUSSIA 430031
  NEWS: The newsletter is in Russian.


         PO Box 111
         Brandon, WI 53919-0111
  COST: Dues voluntary - $5 to $10 suggested.
  COMM: Is this club still alive? (Probably not - didn't get off the
         ground ...)


  SINC: 1991
  NUMB: 90


  FULL: ZS-Algoa QRP Group
  ADDR: Walde M. Bartie, ZS2WM
         Algoa Branch SA Radio League
         P.O.Box 10050
         Linton Grange
         Port Elisabeth 6015
         South Africa

~Subject: Defunct clubs and newsletters, ceased activities:

    o QRP society of Great Britain (1949-1964?)
    o Pacific Amateur Radio Group (PARG, ?)
    o Illinois QRP Society (ILQRPS) (?)
    o "K5FO QRP newsletter" (1994)
    o "The Milliwatt" (1970-1975)
    o EA8 QRP-DX Club

~Subject: 'Unofficial' groups:


         This is mainly a Dutch group of amateurs with guest members
         from two other countries only. Dick Pascoe, G0BPS, is the only
         British member. Three Germans are also members being a family,
         husband, wife and son. There are no membership fees, no
         magazine, no contests etc, just a group of friends. Membership
         is by invitation only!

    o Zuni Looper Mountain Expeditionary Force

         This is a local gathering of QRP ARCI members in Southern
         California, who operate Field Day with QRP; the name refers to
         the particular part of the State or National Park they always
         operate from (the Zuni Loop area of the park). They are well
         known and admired for the *HUGE* wire antennas they erect.

    o Maryland Milliwatt Club

         The club was founded in 1992 by two members. Membership is by
         invitation only. Mailing Address: Maryland Milliwatt Club, 3052
         Fairland Rd, Silver Spring, MD 20904.

    o World QRP Federation (WQF)

         The only thing I know is that Gus, G8PG is president. I suppose
         it's a kind of QRP cover organisation. Can anyone give more
         info on this?

    o The WVQRP Commandos

    o The LIMARC QRP Heavy Hitters
          (LIMARC = Long Island Mobile Amateur Radio Club)

    o Old Coots QRP Group

~Subject: Acknowledgments:

  I was using the club list maintained by Bill Kelsey, N8ET, as a basis
  for this list. Much later when perusing the QRP-L archives I
  discovered that Chuck Adams, K5FO, had already compiled a list which
  contained clubs that I didn't know about. Additional information came
  from other contributions to QRP-L and from assorted printed material,
  most notably publications of the G-QRP Club. Thanks for very helpful
  contributions and corrections from (sorted by callsign):

    Predrag, 9A3ZI, [9A3ZI@9A1CRA.HRV.EU]
    Guenter, DL2LBF, []
    Goran Hosinsky, EA8YU, <>
    Dick Pascoe, G0BPS, <>
    Hidehiko Komachi, JA9MAT []
    Walter Palings, ON7PX, <>
    Chuck Adams, K5FO, <>
    Rich, K7YHA, <>
    Cameron Bailey, KT3A, <C=BAILEY%IS%211EIS@PAMDT.ANG.AF.MIL>
    Peter Calcandy, N2KPY, <>
    Bill Kelsey, N8ET, <>
    David Gauding, NF0R, <>
    Charlos Potma, PA3CKR, <>
    Brien Pepperdine, VE3VAW, <>
    John D. Spittle, VE7QK, <>
    David Taylor, VK3JKP, <>
    Rich High, W0HEP, <>
    L.B. Cebik, W4RNL, <>
    Byron, WA8LCZ, <>
    Mike Czuhajewski, WA8MCQ, <>
    Paul, WB8ZJL, <>

  Special thanks go to one great club that hasn't been mentioned yet,
  and this file would not not exist if the net did not exist:

   o The Internet QRP-L Club (INET QRP, short IQ ;-))

  Members meet constantly on a facility called the QRP-L mailing list.
  Send mail to <> with the following commands in
  the body of the message (the subject is ignored)

     To subscribe: subscribe qrp-l Your_Name Your_Call
     To unsubscribe: unsubscribe qrp-l
     For more information: help

  To send a message to the list, mail it to <>.

~Subject: Legalese:

  Copyright 1995 by Richard Hieber, DL8MFQ/AA8CP. Permission is granted
  to copy and redistribute this document for noncommercial purposes
  provided that it remains complete and unmodified and reasonable
  attempts are made to use the latest version.

  The editor makes no guarantee as to the usefulness of the information
  provided herein. The editor takes no responsibility for any damages
  resulting from the information provided in this list. If you are in
  doubt, please post a question to the QRP-L mailing list or ask your
  local elmer :-)

~Subject: Update information:

  I intend to make this list up to date and as complete as possible. For
  this I need your help.

  If you find outdated information or errors in this list, please let me
  know. If you know of any QRP club that you feel should be in this
  list, then let me know, too. The same applies if you have ideas on how
  to improve this list. Since English is a second language to me, I'd
  also be grateful for hints on mistakes with grammar or vocabulary.
  Please note that I try to stick to European conventions in spelling
  and punctuation 'cause this is what I learned in school.

  For the most up-to-date copy of this list, send email to
  <> or a packet radio message to

                                               (^ ^)
   | Vy 72 de Richard (DL8MFQ @ DB0SIF.DEU.EU) in Erlangen |
    alias AA8CP G-QRP #7417 AGCW-DL #2168
        Internet: <>

---------------------- End of The QRP Clubs List -----------------------

Richard Hieber, DL8MFQ/AA8CP

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