update: new Sierra changes and additions


From: Wayne Burdick (burdick@interval.com)
Date: Mon Sep 11 1995 - 18:30:02 EDT

Hi folks,

Thought I'd get you up to date on the changes that I'm making to the Sierra
transceiver. NorCal members field-tested 120 Sierras last year, and I got
a lot of good input from them. The new Sierra, which is expected to start
shipping in December, will be a significant improvement over the original.
Thanks again to all who tested the rig and sent me suggestions.

This list is not all-inclusive; I've left out minor component tweaks.
Also, we may revise the list a bit over the next month. One thing that
won't change is the low current drain: it will still draw only about 35mA
on receive.

* There will be a number of changes to the transmit circuitry to improve
stability on the higher bands, and make alignment and power output more
consistent from band-to-band.

* Added true sidetone with level adjustment. This was necessary because
the TX monitor level varied somewhat with the position of the RF gain and
drive controls as well as the particular band in use. The new sidetone is
constant-level and only slightly different in timbre than the original
tone. The TX monitor tone is also still available for alignment purposes.

* Front and rear panels will now be stiffened using two L-brackets each
that hold the panels to the bottom of the case. The top will still come
off using only the two plastic latches. Removing the bottom will now
require removal of six screws (all of the same size).

* Added a AGC threshold setting control, dual-JFET mute circuit after the
product detector, and various minor changes to improve the receiver's audio

* There will (I hope) be ejector handles for the band modules. If I don't
get them ready by December there will be a modification kit sent out later.
Hopefully this will also work on the original Sierra--more details later.

* Nearly all of the connections and circuitry needed to put in a KC1
keyer/counter will be included on the Sierra PC board.

* Chassis will be supplied silkscreened and painted, with a two-tone,
textured finish (same color scheme as the Wilderness NorCal 40A).

By the way, if you're thinking about ordering a Sierra, Wilderness Radio
will give you a $15 discount on all Sierra orders received by October 1.
This date is significant because Bob Dyer will decide how many Sierras to
build in the first run based on orders received to that date. At the very
least, please let Bob know if you're planning to order the kit later. He
can be reached at 415-484-3806.


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