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Date: Mon Sep 11 1995 - 16:03:38 EDT

To Coherent CW Enthusiast:

I am announcing the formation of a depository of CCW articles. The
articles were originaly in print form, collected by Peter Eaton,
WB9FLW, an supplied in copy format to those who requested one.
He and I have worked together in order to provide the information,
OCR 'ed and stored on my net server. All authors gave verbal
permission for Peter to provide their articles to all interested parties.

Most of the articles are from Ray Petit,W7GHM; Adrian Weiss,
K8EEG/0; Charles Woodsen, W6NEY; Peter Lumb, G3IRM and Bill de
Carle, VE2IQ. It is a very extensive library, comprising over 400
written pages of data, 50 + pages of schematics, figures and tables.
Presently I have about 2/3's of it available. Most of it has not been
spell checked as of yet. That is time consuming on items that have
been OCR'ed into digital form. I could use help of the orginal authors
or others who can proof read the articles.

Also in the directory you will find Ernst Schreoder's PCW program,
instructions and notes. This is distributed as per his instructions on
shareware form. If you copy it please follow his instructions for use
and payment.

Winzip is also provided as a Windows zip/unzip utility. This is a
VERY good archiver in shareware form and is well worth the
registration. All files were zipped using this utility.

Thank you for the airspace and time. Please feel free to contact me at The ftp site is Anonymous FTP :
Please see the index for a listing of files, readme for some
information and .message for other instructions.

John <N3REY> If God's progression was from the least
                of his creations to the highest of his
                creations, why was Eve created last ? :-)

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