QRP+ Group Buy II


From: 'AB7HI' Stephen Lee (slee@u.washington.edu)
Date: Sun Sep 10 1995 - 23:36:29 EDT

Talked to Bruce at Index Labs on Wednesday last when I just got
back in town from vacation. Since then have had a root canal
done and left town again (what fun, eh?). At any rate, he's
ready to entertain the QRP-L group buy now. Here's the good news:

1. Bruce is caught up on his backorders and is now shipping from

2. Yes, the keyer WPM increment is now set to 1 WPM.

3. There is mode memory now, so whatever mode it was in when turned
   off is the mode set at the next power on.

4. Bruce has incorporated a few other tweaks but didn't elaborate or
   go into detail about what whose were. Mostly software related.

Now the bad news:

1. QRP-L discount price: $580.00

2. Optional microphone price: $29.00

3. Be advised, there will be a general price increase about October 28,
   approximately 8%.

I posted this to the list to let the new subscribers (new since last May)
know about this group purchase. Tomorrow I will put together a
distribution list and renotify those who have previously expressed an

If you're interested in this group purchase please email me directly at:
>From here on out lets take this thread off the list. Usual disclaimer
applies...I don't work for Index Labs or otherwise profit from their

Stephen Lee

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