IRF510 - IRF511?


Date: Sun Sep 10 1995 - 18:57:54 EDT

Question 1
In building the DeMaw HF power amp, (April '89 QST pg. 30, see also Nov. '89
QST pg. 38), he specifies the IRF511 mosfet. In this application would a
IRF510 be okay. Their specs look very similar, (by what I can tell...), but
I wanted to be sure.
Question 2
Do you think there would be any problem mounting the output filters on little
boards, (sipp boards would be ideal), and bandswitching by changing filters?
Question 3
Both versions of this amp specify < 1 watt. On an HW8, do I just not load it
as high, (to get less than a watt output), or should I use some sort of
antenuator <sp?>? Anybody got a simple attenuator schematic for this

I've got the power supply out of an old wide carriage Epson printer that
ought to work fine as a ps for this...
TNX I appreciate the help.
Dan Reynolds,, KB9JLO

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