tree supports


Date: Tue Sep 05 1995 - 20:26:42 EDT

I use a pulley on one end of my ant -- a 40m dipole fed with ladder line.
 The idea is to allow some tree sway to occur without stressing the wire.
 Have had it up four years with great results (tho want to add more wire so
it will work on 80). Use a gallon jug filled with sand as a weight. Play
with it to see how much you need. I did tie off the end of the rope too,
allowing some slack, in case the jug came off or was helped off since it is
in the front yard under a 100' cedar. Have a vertical loop for 20 out back
and since it is so liteweight I just hung it without a pulley. I fixed the
two upper corners so the top would be the correct length and let one of the
bottom corners float free on the insulator with the other one as the feed. I
went for the vert polarization for the lower angle and dx hopes. My loop is
quieter than a dipole hung in the same place and does a great job into
Europe. I hung it east/west so it "fires" north/south.
73 Steve KG7PV

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