Re: Dual Tree Supports for Vertical Loop


Date: Tue Sep 05 1995 - 18:23:29 EDT

>a compromise suspension system. I believe the bottom or top feed gives
>you horizontal polarization and the side feed gives you vertical
>for a full wave loop.

>Which to choose depends on the propagation characteristics you are
>looking for. A skewed polarization might work best, although I have
>not seen it tried.

Try feeding it from one of bottom corners. ELNEC simulations performed
by a local ham (KE4ID) show that this configuration optimizes the
take-off angle for DX. Patterns from side-fed loops have a very low
angle of radiation while bottom/top fed loops have a very high angle of
radiation. I have used several corner fed loops with excellent results.
 Unfortunately, I don't have the real estate to do an A-B comparison
between corner and side fed loops.


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