From: Dah-Jyuu D. Wang (ddw2@Lehigh.EDU)
Date: Tue Sep 05 1995 - 15:51:58 EDT

Dear QRP-Lers,
    Had finally finished my 20m SSB QRP project (took almost 2 years since I
    started everything from scratch, including PCB). It was a rig based on a
    single conversion RX (MCL SBL-1 for mixer, 2 MC1350 IF, AGC and another
    SBL-1 for detector) and a simple Tx (Ne602 Mixer, 2n2222, 2n5109 drive and
    an IRF511 final) with an output of about 1 Watt on my Tek453 scope. Tested
    the thing last Friday, no smoke just like the NN1G MKII I built last time.
    I think building them slowly helps as I had found a lot of time when I put
    stuff together hastily, I almost alway quaranteed for some smokes.

    Calling CQ for a while w/o takers. Went camping for three days in a log
    cabin at French Creek state park, PA. Took the rig with me plus a Hustler
    ant on the car roof. Calling CQ still no taker. Went home Sunday, hooked
    the rig up to my dipole in the attic. Calling CQ again for a while, nothing,
    tuning the dial around and found a +20 db signal, decide to give it a try.
    Bingo! W5ZR/126 in Louisiana came back with part of my call sign. Got a 55
    report, not bad for 1 watt. He does have a good antena (an 4 element quad)
    and a good pair of ears. My next project probably will either be the
    "Hall Mark" digital voice record/player (QST article) or a booster amp
    (5W or something) as running 1w on 20m is not as pleasant as 1w CW on 40m.
    I would love to find out where does QRPer hang out on 20m, Is there an
    official SSB QRP frequency on 20m? I am also interested in operating tips
    from SSB QRPer who own/operated 20m SSB QRP rig like MFJ or QRP+.

    Like to thank the folks for helping me out on this project by providing
    infos and leads. Special thanks to LB/W4RNL for providing me a copy of an
    20m transceiver article.

    Looking forward to the 100+ Cascade kits that will be on the air soon (has
    anyone received it yet?). I would love to order the Cascade but I am trying
    to keep the ambient noise (from my XYL) down a little, 8-) .

    That's all folks.

    73 de D.J./ N2YKP


D. J. Wang, Ph.D./ N2YKP Lehigh University
Director of Instrumentation Chemistry Department
ddw2@lehigh.edu Seeley G. Mudd Bldg.
(610)758-3463 (Ph) 6 E. Packer Ave.
(610)758-3461 (Fax) Bethlehem, PA 18015


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