Weekend Adventure on the Roof


From: Joseph Cooper (joe@westonia.com)
Date: Tue Sep 05 1995 - 16:19:00 EDT

I had great fun this weekend putting up a very nice G5RV antenna and since
I'm still alive I thought I'd share some ideas about it.

Like many, I have a small lot size so the key was an antenna design that
would be able to fit. The one advange that I had to work with was having a
very tall house with the chimeny being the placed in a good location for a

I chose the G5RV design since it can be used as an inverted V. The
particular model that I chose supports 80 meters with out traps and having a
total length of 102 feet (or two 51 foot legs). The centre (Canadian
spelling) feed of the antenna is 31 feel of 450 ohm ladder line connected to
a 4:1 baulin supplied.

In making the mast I first considered a metal one, but I had read that it is
better not to as it may act upon the tuning of the G5RV. Instead I created a
mast from a 1 1/2 inch PCV tube of 12' in length with a 12' wooden dowel
placed inside of the pipe for rigidity. It is surprisingly light and strong
as a result. I spray painted it sky blue in order to keep it make it less
visable (and it works).

To add ease of service I added a lanyard with a pully for raising and
lowering the center feed. Since this is Canada I built a box around the
pully to protect it from ice and snow.

To attach the mast to the chimney I used a Radio Shack heavy duty antenna
mount designed for that purpose. It is well built and easy to use. Simply
straps to the chimney using metal bands and then you ratchet the bands tight.

The Mast was manageable by myself and proved to be no problem attaching to
the mount.
Once that was up it was a simple job to attach the antenna and raise it up.
I do take my time at this point, and unwind the wire and downlead slowly in
order to keep it from kinking.

The antenna needs a minimum of 70 feet of lead in to tune properly and this
proved no problem.

The results are very impressive. The antenna is a very quite design and the
rcvr gain is impressive. For example; WWV on 10 MHz went from 10db over S9
from my old dipole to just below 60 db (!) (results may vary..etc.).

I have not had a chance to try it with my xmitter yet, but I'll report soon.

Plug: The Antenna was made by Van Gordon Engineering P.O.Box 21305 S.Euclid
OH 44121
It cost me all of $29.00 U.S.(!) They sell a 'mini' version for 40-10m.

I'd appreciate any feedback from others with G5RV's.

* Joseph Cooper:-VE3FMQ-QTH-East York-near Toronto Ontario Canada *
* Interests are:- BCB and VLF Radio-Woodworking-Steam Railroads - *
* -Nikola Tesla-Antique Radios-Crystal Radios-Travel-Burmese Cats *
* FAX (416) 423-7782 9:00pm to 5:00pm EDST Monday To Friday Only *

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