Re: QRP PLus from Index Labs


Date: Tue Sep 05 1995 - 14:59:48 EDT

Hello Jim, This is a first gereration rig, and as with all firsts there is
indeed a down side, but not down enough to stop me from buying and enjoying
the radio. You are quite correct, there is no other comparable rig for the
money. The 555 will cost you about $900 with all of the band cards. It is
not without it's own unique set of problems. I have heard they fade while

You will wait, and wait and wait, for the rig to be delivered,but it is
worth it.


I know there have been several posts here about the Index Labs QRP Plus, and
>I have read several. Unfortunately, I didn't save any of them. I do
>remember that everyone held the QRP PLus in high regard.
>It almost looks too good to be true, at the price. Is there any downside to
>this rig? How long does it take to receive, after being ordered? I
>understand that IL builds each one, as ordered.
>A friend just got a Ten-Tec 555, and I had considered its QRP sibling, but
>don't like the idea of having to change modules with each band change.
>73, and have a great holiday weekend!
>Jim, KF6CR

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